"We just loved Nā Makana – the photography was absolutely exquisite and the chanting was very moving. The integration of the English was very helpful, and just right. The images of different tokens that people held really expanded what Hawaii is all about. The sacred items were lovingly held and chanted about, and were very moving. Little bowls, big bowls, weavings, plants, fruits, flowers, drums, gourds, were all a deep weaving of what it held sacred in Hawaii."

Marjorie Erway

"I ola nō ka ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i, i ola nō nā pua makamae, i ola nō ke aloha a mau loa…eia 'o “Nā Makana”, he mau mo‘olelo nani kōkī o nā 'ōmea o ka mo'omeheu"
"In perpetuation of the Hawaiian language, our precious children prosper, and love rise above all… here is “Nā Makana” to share the beautiful stories of our beloved people."

Mākela M. Bruno-Kidani
Former Director Pūnana
Leo o Waimea

"We enjoyed watching the amazing collection of your photography, rich in texture and so delicately captured. The film left us feeling very good about your handling of Hawaiian culture, done with such respect and quality. We are now ready to honestly and highly recommend it to our BandB guests and friends. We think it makes an excellent gift as well.

Bill and Machiko Heyde
Pilialoha Cottage, Maui

"None of us need more stuff. And yet we all need and want to give gifts. But meaningful gifts are hard to find. I love the stories in Penny's work. They are my favorite business gift, but I also give them to friends because they have meaning that can touch someone's heart. They are Earth friendly and support artists in a world that rarely remembers their contribution. Thank you Penny for your 'wise eye'."

Carol Sanford, CEO InterOctave, Inc Author, The Responsible Business

"This film enlivens the memories and enriches the experience of my many visits to Hawaii. I find this meditation on Hawaiian culture both captivating and tranquil. The images and sounds pique my curiosity and stir my imagination. Each time I watch it, the rhythmic beauty of the presentation quiets my mind. It is a deeply respectful glimpse of the ancient yet enduring Hawaiian land and culture."

Cathy Young

"When I found your site, I was overwhelmed. I felt like I came home... the images reflected the spirit and energy of the Hospice patients on their journey. I have worked for Hospice for the past 17 years and the patients are my teachers and guides. They have given me the privilege to witness experiences with words only images such as yours capture."

Misae  Wela
Palliative Care Training
Hospice of Hilo, Hawaii